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I am so happy to be in beautiful Rosemary Beach for a Rollins College girls weekend. As “the Eight”, we never miss a year and it has been 18 months since we have been together. I have found an exceptional amount of wants this week.  Dresses galore wanting THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.  Sandals.. read more →

I am back with week 57 of my Things I Love Thursday series.   This is a collection of things I use/wear/want on a regular basis and want to share. Skrewball Whiskey is the greeting part of 2021 so far. I was introduced to it last weekend and I want everyone to run, not walk to go get.. read more →

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday! I am crazy about Voutsa. Their creativity, as a brand, is unmatched. If you can dream it, they can create it. I am loving the vibrancy of this recent collaboration of wallpaper and textiles by CW Stockwell.  CW Stockwell + Voutsa Martinique Celebration David Wallpaper CW Stockwell + Voutsa Martinique Celebration Henri.. read more →