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How is March halfway gone?   There is a great show happening that I must share before it is gone in less than 2 weeks. mary rountree moore + virginia scotchie  at Hidell Brooks Gallery March 1-30, 2019 mary rountree moore whom I featured HERE.  mary rountree moore graduated from the university of of north.. read more →

So much to see, So much to read, Here are the articles, recipes and places that caught my interest the past week. I Was an Admissions Officer at a Top Tier College. These Kinds of Scams Have Been Going on ‘Forever.’ A Design Lover’s Guide to Cambodia and Laos 25 of the Best Books to.. read more →

I forgot how exhausting skiing is!   I am truly whooped. I tried to keep up with my family and we covered the mountain back and forth.  I promised myself I would ski very slow and safe but we were flying up, down and all around… I am suddenly feeling really old with all my.. read more →