28 Jan 2013
January 28, 2013

Daydream Believer

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Somewhere in me I have this idyllic and romantic notion of bohemian travel on the road with an Airstream or the like.  This serendipitous adventure that would take us meandering throughout the US seems heavenly. Reality (otherwise known as husband) reminds me of my inability to cope in less than ideal situations. Sad, but often true. Nonetheless, this shoot from Maine Home and Design is beautiful and serene.

Check out my previous post on Airsteam travel,  as well as my Pinterest board.  Jamie Meares, of Furbish Studio and I Suwannee blog, has taken to the road with her husband and his vintage camper. 

I suwannee I think i could do it too…

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One Response to Daydream Believer
  1. Ok, so where is the extended trailer that attaches that carries all your shoes? LOL! JK!  Couldn't help myself!  Have a great Tuesday!


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