Kelly Wearstler's Home Collection on her website is seriously INSANE! I know you already knew this but, I popped over there today when some new HOME ACCESSORY intros were introduced.  Speechless…  Kelly takes creativity to the line and slightly steps over.  I love it.

Check out the whole line HERE


LU9470741829_5_wht_1_catlrg3 square_marbledish_whtblk_1_ctlg double_chainlink_brass_1_ctlg gold_hand_1_ctlg oblique_box_catlrg

brass_hand_opener_catlrgperforated_table_catlrg_zoom souffle_sofa_catlrg_zoom souffle_cocktail_chair_catlrg_zoom souffle_leather_chair_1_ctlg elliot_chair_brass_catlrg_zoom big_kiss_black_catlrg double_brass_hand_1_ctlg bottle_opener_1_ctlg padlock_vase_catlrg head_sculpture_catlrg fractured_marble_box_catlrg left_eye_skull_sm_catlrg left_eye_skull_lg_wh_catlrg left_eye_skull_lg_gr_catlrg brass_feet_catlrg grand_urchin_catlrg saints_hand_catlrg salone_tray_1_catlrg1 tic_tac_toe_1_catlrg1 memphis_bauble_box_catlrg_3 bejeweled_bottle_stopper_3_catlrg1 corso_vase_bronze_1_pdp1

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