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It is pretty obvious from my Instagram that I LOVE to travel.  It feeds my soul and fills me with endless inspiration. Right off the heels of a few months of great trips, I decided I am going to plan my future trips to check off. These are all places I have not been before. 

I even asked my husband to join in.  His choices are denoted with a (M) beside them.  I cannot wait to see what is next.


Click on the link to where I think I may stay, see or do…I always do MAJOR research before booking any trip.  See my CHIC TRAVEL PLANNING TIPS.




rajvilas imgL_05India


African Safari


Europe Barge trip (M- this is decidedly from watching too much Downton Abbey with Viking River Cruise Commercials) 


Whistler (M) (all about the snowboarding)
Banff (M)
there are really so many more it is embarrassing…this is the short list. Check out my Wanderlust Pinterest board for more ideas. 
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2 Responses to Wanderlust and My Travel Bucket List
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  2. […] have shared my “Travel Bucket List” list before HERE but I have some additions for the grand list. I want to add specific trips for 2017. […]


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