Some days you just want to be like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.

Today is one of those for me.  

I have had a trying few days and am so sad for a friend going through a terrible loss.

This beautiful image by the talented Christine Dovey is the perfect mix of design elements featuring the whimsical Beware of the Moon ostrich wallpaper. It came to mind as today I want to be the ostrich. 



Ostrich Wallpaper

Loosely representing Denial, and the first of our detailed hand-drawn wallpapers, Ostrich is an elegant, grand and somewhat mischievous statement fitting for our times

Available in two sizes of motif (Large and Small) across three colourways – Pencil on Bone, Gold Leaf on Brownstone and Gold Leaf on Mars – these six wallpapers are an inventive twist on the traditional, and printed to the highest quality here in England

Best served with a pinch of salt

It comes in a large or


small scale repeat.


I love their skulls wallpaper too.



Thinking positive for a happy week ahead. 

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5 Responses to Beware of the Moon Ostrich Wallpaper
  1. Hello, I should like to know, the cost of the black/ grey ostrich wall paper, on a white ground….. it looks expensive? But I love it!
    X Jan. Oh I’ve just noticed, Buddha, above, is there wallpaper with Buddha on?

  2. You still haven’t answered my question!
    Where can I buy the ostrich wallpaper… if it exists
    And what is the cost?

  3. Hello try the official site….

    that’s where i’m getting it from!

  4. Thanks Lauren, I’ll look.
    We are moving house and madly packing, this is why it’s taken me so long to see your reply…… x


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