II would like to introduce you to Liz Marsh Designs.

This unique functional works of art are handmade in Houston, Texas. I am such a fan of these beauties.  

I am mesmerized by the newest decoupage Eden Collection with a nod to the past with an on trend and updated snake motif.

“The new EDEN collection is comprised of sexy serpents, beautiful butterflies, and fresh botanicals. Luxe Eden lamps are available with hand turned bases and caps in cerused oak, ash, gold or silver gilt finishes.”

So chic! 

The artistic nature of these pieces are a lovely addition to any interior. 









white-blue-splatter-curved-pop-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs urn-shaped-black-and-white-paint-splattered-lamps black-black-splatter

green-black-boheme-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs blue-black-zigzag-boheme-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs blue-black-shapes-boheme-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs face-2-white-base-boheme-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs face-white-base-boheme-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs boheme-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs green-blue-old-money-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-design blue-watercolor-gold-base-old-money-lamp-collection-interior-liz-marsh-design black-stars-white-gold-base-paris-now-lamp-collection-liz-marsh-designs paris-now-liz-marsh-designs black-gold-stripe-circular-paris-now-liz-marsh-designs black-stripes-on-white-paris-now-liz-marsh-designs

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