I am happy to announce I have a stellar line up of artists coming for you in my Artist Spotlight Series.

This latest talent is a curator of colorful happy work. 

Enjoy getting to know

EMYO / Emily Ozier

Memphis, Tennessee

The daughter of a Cuban American, EMYO’s expressive style, and bold strokes may find their origins in her Spanish roots. After first receiving her bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, EMYO went on to study under an impressionist master in Italy, and later further deepened her understanding of learning through the arts through training at Harvard. Fighting a hectic schedule, she is the mother of six beautiful children, EMYO somehow finds time to paint (often outdoors) on her big grassy piece of land in Tennessee. EMYO is a member of the Well + Wonder Artist Collective.

What is your training? 

I’ve be an Maker from early childhood.  My mom remembers at the age of three I made a family of bees out of paper and designed a house for them- from that time onward I have always been happiest when I am creating.   I’ve studied in Italy with am Impressionist Master learning techniques passed down from John Singer Sargent, and I’ve now, after working for years as a painter, i’ve put in my 10,000 hours of on the job training.   I’m always mindful that more important that learning to paint, as an Impressionist is is more important to be about Learning to See.  

What inspires you and your designs?  


I am inspired by life.  With six kids under fourteen, my life resembles an impressionist paining:  It’s loose, lively and full of color!  


May the fleeting loveliness I paint, remind you of a loveliness that will never fade.  
What is your favorite cocktail?  


Moscow Mule



on a hot summer evening at Hog and Hominy in Memphis


How do you balance personal life and work?  


I greet my day in the dark early hours with art.   I spend my studio time, with cup of coffee in hand, watching the sun rise daily.   I do not wait for creativity to hit me, I simply show up each day and grab that brush and the Creative meets me in the discipline.  I then move on to the full and bright world of teaching a few children at home and creating a home that allows each of our six to be both Stimulated and then Soothed, meaning I want each to have activities and output that they love, but also have times and space to breathe, rest and have soul soothing refreshment.   


Dream trip?


 I’m headed to Cuba this week.  I’m the daughter of a Cuban refugee, so of course, Cuba is special on so many levels.   I love the colors of Cuba:  I see them as Flags of Courage, flown when other things were taken away.    My Mother’s Cuba:  It calls to Me.   


Dream commission?  


I love to bring Light and Life to spaces that people love.  How bout a fabulous restaurant that is a timeless beacon of memories and favorite meals for lots of people.   food plus dear friends plus atmosphere plus great art 

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?  


the book Bread and Wine by Shauna Neiquist



What are you reading?  


I’ve been reading big, thick books to my oldest who will be a freshman in high school since she was three.  We are making our way together through Russian history in  “A Gentleman in Moscow”.  We share Art and Life and Words and Togetherness through stories.  I also am reading aloud to the others at breakfast around our table as well.  We are laughing our way through the original Mary Poppins this summer.      I think it is as important to give them soul food in the form of ideas in stories just as I give them food.  I feed their minds, and I feed their stomachs.  


What are you listening to?  


The Greatest Showman soundtrack, of course.   


What are your favorite blogs / publications?  


I’m a total Modern Mrs. Darcy fan!  She keeps my “to be read” list always full!


Take a look at her happy portfolio…

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