So much to see,

So much to read,

Here are the articles, recipes and places that caught my interest the past few weeks. I missed a week so there is lots to read! 

Serendipitous Finds and Strategic Color Define Suzanne Kasler’s Bright, Elegant Rooms

I haven’t worn a watch in a few years…I really want THIS but do you love yours….Input needed. 

These MEAL PLANs are amazing! 

6 French Girls Explain How They Approach “Dieting”

Totally into Wandler bags.  This one and THIS are on sale. Wanting it and THIS one for Spring. 

Never Be Lost in the Supplement Aisle Again

The M.Gemi drop this week is GOOD! Love THESE & THESE.

Healthy Breakfasts You Can Eat In The Car

How to Bring Beauty into Your Home’s Most Utilitarian Spaces

Mignonne Gavigan 40% site wide sale is awesome!!!


50 Tastemakers, 50 Dream Trips

This 1 Thing Eased My Anxiety Almost Immediately, and I Never Would Have Guessed

12 New Boutique Hotels to Visit This Year

The South’s Best New Bars

Forgotten Southern RecipesMy personal favorite

Yikes! The CDC Has Officially Declared Sleep Deprivation a Public Health Crisis


The Radical Metabolism Diet Might Supercharge Fat Burn—Here’s How

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