I am finally en route home from a few days in Texas for orientation with at eldest at TCU.  It was a great trip despite the worst American Airlines experience TWICE!!!!  What is up with 4 cancelled flights this week alone?!?! 47 ppl on standby? separating mother and daughter, rebooking to other cites, different days?!?!   I cannot begin to tell you the lack of customer service offered by the airlines and the rude employees literally infuriate me.

I wish we had better options in Charlotte because I am so over it!  My lottery ticket win is gonna be a private plane first purchase for sure! 

Anyway, on the happier items like shopping.

These adorable Golden Goose boots are on super duper sale.  I feel like that are a smart Texas purchase, right? THESE are fab too.

THIS jean jacket MUST be mine! 

This backpack brings a smile to my face at more than 50% off too. So many more rainbow SALE wants with THIS, THIS, THESE, THIS, THIS and THESE. 

If American Airlines sent me an apology with THIS or THIS they would be fully forgiven.

Sandal chic with THESE and THESE.

A Mom at orientation was rocking THESE and I was coveting big time! While my friend was super sophisticated in THESE chic sandals. Cannot decide if I must copy in her gold or leopard… thoughts? 

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