Wow,  it has been an amazingly busy few weeks with lots on the horizon as well. I am feelin’ all the spring fashion rolling in.  Wanting these adorable sneakers, this colorful clutch, this dress, this beach tote, these earrings.  This takes me back to morocco, THIS too. Can’t stop wearing THESE jeans.  On the home front – THIS bench is fab and I could use a pair of THESE. This.. read more →

I am seriously smitten with the new spring line introduced by Loeffler Randall.  They have long been a favorite brand but now they are really speaking my language with color, tassels, pompoms, stripes and splatter. My most favorite comfortable shoes are always from them so, I may need to stock up before the sell out… read more →

Lots of web wanderings and finds this week. Here is a random assortment that captured ADD attention… I love Julianne Hough’s kitchen… Not sure why this is interesting but it is… This dress has my spring break all over it! Want THIS, THIS, THIS and THESE too. 7 Fats You Should Be Eating….These Will Keep You.. read more →

I am having an amazing time at the Antique & Garden Show in Nashville.  I have found a few antiques and set my sights on some serious vintage jewelry… I need to stop looking in those cases but, I cannot help myself.  This truly is a wonderful show where you can actually purchase. I also.. read more →

Do you need Valentine’s Day ideas for your love, friend, galpal?   I am here with loads of ideas for the ladies and I will be back for the gifts for the guys too.   Happy shopping…you have less than 2 weeks to get a little cerci for your sweetheart. Be sure to subscribe to THE ENGLISH.. read more →

I had so much fun creating my favorite Dress to Room Pairings for the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017. See previous pairings HERE. (if they do not work I apologize…I am experiencing website difficulties due to malware. Technical support is on it.) There were some serious stunners and lots of out of the box dresses.  I think the.. read more →

I am in NYC again for a quick jaunt to see Hamilton.   It was UNREAL!  Sell you car, house or kid..Buy a ticket and go immediately. It is worth it. I was blown away. I want to go again and again and again. We have also don’t a lotta shopping and eating.  I picked up.. read more →