So many holiday sales to watch. I have got you covered… Birkenstocks are 25% off HERE. I am wanting all the dresses…and nowhere to go.  I actually shower and get dressed every night for dinner. It has become my thing… Wanting THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS. I adore the Sundry brand and am coveting THIS,.. read more →

I’m sticking my head in the sand because the news is way too depressing.  I am busy wasting the days away and am grateful for our health.   Everything seems to be on sale and other than daily hour or so of exercise I find myself on the internet perusing all the sales!   Free.. read more →

We did it!  Another week at home and we all survived it.   I refuse for this to be the “new normal” yet I am adapting. I do as much work as I can, exercise more than usual, cook way more than usual, sleep way later than usual, and spend serious amounts of family time.. read more →

So NC Governor just extended our “Shelter in Place” to April 29th.   Y’all I am totally doing my part but another 32 days of seclusion with my family seems like A VERY LONG TIME.     My emotions are like a yoyo going between these thoughts.  Retail Therapy is always a welcome distraction. H.. read more →

If we don’t get back to work in the office soon I’m gonna be broke.   I bounce from work projects to all these great sales all day. I know we are gonna look extra cute and festive once we are free. The Nordstrom 25% off continues… Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale and Tarte Shape.. read more →

I am truly amazing at spending a day in a flash. I worked on client projects, slept late, took a long walk, cooked dinner, cleaned up a hair and poof the day was gone. I kinda love being home because I love my home. You should love yours too.  I am trying to think positive.. read more →

I am trying to carry on as usual in this insanity in which we are living. Prayers for safety and health for all.  I want to be a light moment in your day. We are going to be doing lots of chill in out future. I am getting the gear for it. THESE sweatpants have.. read more →