No one works harder than moms! The work is tireless, the hours are ungodly and the job never seems to end. Spoil your mother with something wonderful this Mother’s Day. I have created a list of gifts of all sorts, sizes and prices inspire the gift givers. Some other helpful gift ideas are always flowers, artwork, a.. read more →

It has been a rather hectic Sunday with the trees going up and the decorations coming out. I turned to Pinterest in search of new found inspiration. I feel like my decor is feeling staid. I am upping my game a bit as I am traveling twice this month and need to be extra organized… read more →

I know it seems odd to be creating my own gift guide but, this is a sure fire way to get what I want and people always ask what is on my list since I am a notorious shopper (a.k.a. Shopaholic). My birthday happens to be Christmas Day, hence the nickname “Holly”. This day is.. read more →

Everyone could always use some items to spruce up their interiors. I personally am asking Santa for more beautiful Addison Weeks boxes. They are on sale for Black Friday -20% with code BLACKFRI. Here are some other stunners for the home. I know the emoji Pancake Pan will be a hit too.  Be sure to.. read more →

I gotta tell you I did not to intend to bombard you with only sales this week but, they seem to be worth it! Yesterday, I stepped in Target to pick up this gift that my youngest is coveting.  I had preordered and should have had to just go to the desk… they could not.. read more →

Here is the long awaited guide for the ladies.  It is a broad range of prices, genres and goodies.  I want to give a word of the wise to the men folk gift givers. Generally speaking, an item that plugs in is NOT an acceptable choice.  There are a few exceptions like a new gold.. read more →

I am in high energy mode to accomplish loads over the next 6 weeks. Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? Enjoy my web wanderings and Thanksgiving tips. America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park via Sketch 42. Sign me up! I have found a new to me shoe website. rocks.  Right now it.. read more →