It has been a rather hectic Sunday with the trees going up and the decorations coming out. I turned to Pinterest in search of new found inspiration. I feel like my decor is feeling staid. I am upping my game a bit as I am traveling twice this month and need to be extra organized… read more →

I know it seems odd to be creating my own gift guide but, this is a sure fire way to get what I want and people always ask what is on my list since I am a notorious shopper (a.k.a. Shopaholic). My birthday happens to be Christmas Day, hence the nickname “Holly”. This day is.. read more →

Everyone could always use some items to spruce up their interiors. I personally am asking Santa for more beautiful Addison Weeks boxes. They are on sale for Black Friday -20% with code BLACKFRI. Here are some other stunners for the home. I know the emoji Pancake Pan will be a hit too.  Be sure to.. read more →

I gotta tell you I did not to intend to bombard you with only sales this week but, they seem to be worth it! Yesterday, I stepped in Target to pick up this gift that my youngest is coveting.  I had preordered and should have had to just go to the desk… they could not.. read more →

Here is the long awaited guide for the ladies.  It is a broad range of prices, genres and goodies.  I want to give a word of the wise to the men folk gift givers. Generally speaking, an item that plugs in is NOT an acceptable choice.  There are a few exceptions like a new gold.. read more →

I am in high energy mode to accomplish loads over the next 6 weeks. Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? Enjoy my web wanderings and Thanksgiving tips. America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park via Sketch 42. Sign me up! I have found a new to me shoe website. rocks.  Right now it.. read more →

I am off my game today.   I am still going to share the items I have compiled and coveted over the week as I normally do but, an attic fire in friends home last night has made me know now more than ever that material things and just things.   Today rather than wanting.. read more →