Today as I was rushing around High Point Market between meetings, I popped by Addison Weeks to see their new additions.  I was delighted to find my friend Eddie Ross arranging flowers in his gorgeous new ice bucket.  This was a wonderful surprise to see his collaboration with the lovely ladies of Addison Weeks. The.. read more →

My friends at Addison Weeks have come up with the most stunning hardware collection that they debuted at High Point Market this week! They dipped their toe into this with Barrie Benson’s custom pieces for her furniture collection at Highland House.  The latest collection and collaboration is expanded and chic beyond belief!  I couldn’t get.. read more →

Top Knobs has long been my go to source for cabinet hardware.  The line is diverse from elegantly dressy to rustic, old world to modern.  They have all the bases covered.  The price point is always reasonable and not exorbitant yet you have the best selection of all the brands.   That said I am.. read more →

I am loving this sale on ONE KINGS LANE of agate slice pulls and other chic accouterments. What a great way to dress up a boring cabinet or piece of furniture. Happy Shopping. I am mad for malachite and i never tire of turquoise… Be sure to subscribe to THE ENGLISH ROOM for extra news, giveaways and discounts… read more →