Everyone knows bubbly or vino make a great gift but if you want to get creative or up your game for Thanksgiving at the in-laws or all the upcoming holiday parties. Homemade treats also show extra love.  I always welcome cheese straws or toffee.  I have you covered with loads of creative choices for anyone.. read more →

Have you survived the first full work week of 2017?  It was a busy one so I treated myself to a few prizes like THIS & THIS at an extra 20% off. Here is my ridiculously long list of fabulous finds for this week… There are some great sales including Mignonne Gavigan (25% off) where I am.. read more →

More wants have amassed this week. One big one is a house in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende to be exact… I even found one called Casa Holly. A sign?  I cannot stop adding items to my guides too. Be sure to keep checking them as I am constatlyupdating those…#shopaholic #imissmexico Shop my existing Gift.. read more →

I know you must be exhausted of all my gift guides and shopping.  I understand but, just hang one for one last holiday post.  One of my children’s favorite holiday traditions is advent calendars and of course the trusty Elf on a Shelf. I have gathered some basic to super chic advent cals for you.. read more →

We have a house full of dogs and a pony to spoil this holiday season. Do not forget to take care of you furry friends. They certainly deserve some presents too. One of my favorite things is BarkBox that arrives monthly for my dogs. You can subscribe monthly or try it once. It is full.. read more →

Today is a day of thanks.   I am thankful for so many blessings.  I am thankful for all of you who take the time to read my musings each day. I look forward to celebrating our freedom and gifts which we are given with family.  I do know this holiday can cause stress and.. read more →

There is no group harder to shop for than this!  Those grumpy grumbling ones who are not children yet they are not the adults they claim to be. These are the teens and tweens that are difficult to please yet they find true joy from their friends, technology and time.   If all else fails,.. read more →