This makes me very excited for upcoming High Point Market! Noir will astound at High Point Market with over 100 new introductions that are beautifully designed with materials such as a new antique silver, brass, and quality top tier wood. True to Noir’s passion for innovation and keeping up with today’s steadfast pace, Noir continues to introduce designs on a.. read more →

It seems that I am often on the hunt for barstools and counter stools. Historically, the pickings have been quite slim unless you want to really go custom for a pretty penny.  Those days have changed as there are numerous selections that exude style and panache making you want to pull right up to the.. read more →

 Lots and lots of goodness pour vous… Official trailer for my soon to favorite new show…Younger. See the Pilot HERE. I want a pair of these real bad for my upcoming Living room redo (deets this week)!  Must Read this hilarious account ‘YOGA PANTS ARE RUINING WOMEN’ AND OTHER STYLE ADVICE FROM FRAN LEBOWITZ via Elle. My life.. read more →

I feel worn out after all this election craziness and with the donkey in the winning seat I have the hoof on the brain. I have complied some hoof tables and chairs that I have been fawning over… I love the animalistic nature of these combined with the sense of whimsy.  Noir Noir Noir Noir Noir.. read more →

Ottomans are the most useful pieces of furniture. I use them all the time and love adding nail heads as a detail.  I have been looking for more interesting ideas.  I found some great ones. Barry Dixon Barry Dixon Edward Ferrell Barry Dixon Pinterest Pinterest Barry Dixon Nathan Turner for Elite Leather Noir Furniture Lee.. read more →