The fashion Super Bowl is tonight!  I cannot wait to be back with my Dress to Room Pairings late.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive them and other goodness directly to your inbox in the morning. I do have some Sunday fun to share.  A previous Artist Spotlight Series feature, Kate Waddell, has.. read more →

Columbus, Georgia seems to breed young female artist talents.  Many of the ladies I have featured in this series that work out of Redux Studios in Charleston have come from this town and are creating remarkable works that sell out in moments of their online sales going live.  The latest feature in my Artist Spotlight.. read more →

I was lucky enough to meet Dorothy Shain in Charleston at Redux Studios a few weeks ago and then enjoy her company at an arts dinner in Charlotte last week.  This artist is on the rise! Her abstracts were the talk of the magical night.  A few even went home with the guests of The.. read more →