What a great busy week at work. I LOVE being busy! I race from work to the barn each day to enjoy my equine therapy and then home each night with my people to have dinner and back to TV and the blog.  We have binged Ted Lasso (LOVE) and are on The Morning Show.. read more →

TGIF in the biggest way this week.   I am already looking ahead to spring with colorful dresses with THIS, THIS and THIS. I’m also into jeans and pretty blouses like THIS, THIS and THIS.   Cold weather is calling for a few more layers like THIS, THIS and THESE.  Here are my weekly wants:.. read more →

While I love to buy gifts for others, I tend to be a 2 for me and 1 for them kinda shopper.  It is hard when everything seems to be on sale too.   I have found so many great new gift ideas with THIS, ThIS and of course THESE which will sell out in.. read more →

Wow!  This has been a week!   I am ready to decompress and not stress this weekend. I plan on lots of Netflix and chill time and plenty o internet shopping.  I am wanting all the boots with THESE, THESE, THESE and THESE. Puffers please with THIS, THIS and THIS.  All about the French chic.. read more →

When are we going to stop swimming upstream? I am thrilled we are all healthy and safe but with the additional 2020 challenges I tend get weary. Shopping doesn’t disappoint …except when I have to do returns of course. Anywho, I want ALL the coats with THIS, THIS THIS and THIS.  I’m on the hunt.. read more →

I am thrilled for the weekend!  We are going to see our son play football on Saturday which is a great surprise for us as we thought his senior fall football wouldn’t happen.  I will also get to love on Chief (my horse) and ride everyday.  I have transitioned fully to fall in the fashion.. read more →

I am all about Fall and especially fall fashions! I love boots, coats, faux fur and the like.  Bring it on!   Let’s finish 2020 looking good. Sea NY is killing it with the patchwork !  I need this coat and this blazer.  Black pants are a must with THESE, THESE and THESE basics. Boots make.. read more →