After the best few days in Texas and I am missing it!   The heat was intense but I seem to adore the state and all it has to offer. Here is a list I started…   I still have turquoise jewelry and boots on the brain. I have been scouring the web. I have.. read more →

I cannot get enough of the Banana Leaf motif. It has been hot for decades upon decades in interiors from The Beverly Hills Hotel to The Greenbrier. Here are some recent banana leaf loves to share.    CR Laine chairs via Persifor Winpenny Dress  (This dress sold out is a few days after hitting Pinterest on.. read more →

Day 1at the beach and I am a lobster.  Yes, I was not as thorough in my sunscreen application as I should have been.  My children were semi-well covered but, I neglected myself.   They sure all look cute though…(not all mine) In honor of my lobster self I am sharing a few favorite lobsters… read more →