I am excited to introduce you into a rising star in the art world who recently caught the eye of Domino Magazine.  Mary Nelson Sinclair New York, New York What is your training?  Started painting in high school at the Millbrook School in the Hudson Valley. Earned a BFA in Art History and Fine Arts.. read more →

I am excited to introduce you to the latest talent in my Artist Spotlight Series… Laura Mosquera Brooklyn, New York  What is your training?    I studied Architecture at the University of Illinois from 84-87 and after taking a break to work at a Chicago firm for several years, realized it was not what I.. read more →

I am excited to share the sculptor Bradley Sabin with my readers that a client of mine introduced me to. There was a strong NOLA draw from the client to this Bayou bred artiste.  I them had the privilege of seeing his work at Voltz Clarke in NYC.  Bradley Sabin New Orleans, Louisiana An avid gardener.. read more →

Mark Boomershine Atlanta, Georgia   What is your training?     I have a business degree and a minor in studio art from the University of Alabama. I have always had a very strong talent in anything visual and dealing with the arts. After starting and selling one business, then inventing an automotive safety product and.. read more →

Another fabulous artist to share in my Artist Spotlight Series. Joshua’s vibrant modern works are true showstoppers.  I saw a few pieces at Voltz Clarke in New York a while back and they are not easily forgotten.   Enjoy getting to know this true talent.  Joshua Avery Webster Jersey City, New Jersey 1. What is your.. read more →