100th Blog Post…Bourgeois Dogs

100th Blog post…I must have been busy.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I hope you have.  I am not sure summer will continue at the pace but, we will see. 

I love this hilarious dog photography by  fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason.  These sure make this dog lover smile.


While on assignment one day, fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason stumbled into a dog show and was struck by similarities between the coiffed pups and their owners. “Our dogs really are reflections of us, ” he says. Captivated by these doggy doppelgangers, Torkil began this series of hilarious portraits of plucky pugs in emeralds and fro-tastic poodles. How do the dogs compare to the models he photographs for VOGUE? “There really isn’t much difference, ” he says. “You have to be patient and quick. They may look like they’re sitting still, but their expressions change faster than anything.”

via Trendland





Do they make you smile?


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