Amanda Brooks Adirondack getaway was featured in Vogue.   I have thought about it ever since December 2010.  I thought I should share on this rustic inspired week…

You know I am a total sucker for the fur jacket with skinnies, flannel and Sorels.  So Chic!

Sorry the image sizes this week have been wacky.  Computer difficulties with terrible internet reception in our resort.

4 Responses to Amanda Brooks Adirondack Shack…Not
  1. I adore the birch bookcase with seat/bench. Reminds me of "The Treehouse" @ Twin Farms in Vermont ( It is so beautiful!

  2. […] It does reming me of Amanda Brook’s house from Amanda Brooks Adirondack Shack…Not.  […]

  3. […] finally, two images from Tory Burch’s “shack” in the […]

  4. Where can I find the places to purchase the throw pillows and rugs in Amanda Brookes cabin?


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