I have had a long hankering for an Airstream trailer.  I love the romantic notion of picking up and heading West on a whim…a stop in Santa Fe, head to Sun Valley, dash over to The Badlands…sounds heavenly.  I am not sure how I would fair on the road but, I adore the idea.  My husband refuses talk of it.  He thinks I could not survive it. Anyway, I am always looking for a chic trailer to spark the dream project. Here are my favorites I have seen over the past few years.

My dear friends at Peacock Alley, the luxury linens and bedding brand, refurbished an Airstream for an on the go showroom complete with plush linens.  A good night sleep in guaranteed with Peacock Alley involved.

Check out their amazing summer sale for up to 70% off!

LA interior designer, Rachel Horn and her husband recreated an airstream into a chic traveling home for Burning Man.  It is beautiful and chic. Read the full article for The New York Times.

This Airstream is a traveling retail retreat. The store Adelante has this Airsteam called Curb Service in Austin, Texas.  The interior is colorful and happy.  It could easily translate to a fun living environment. 

Check out my Pinterest board of Airstreams…


Who wants a roadtrip?

3 Responses to Astounding Airstreams
  1. I am with Marshall.  BUT, there is a reality show in here somewhere, my friend 🙂

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