13 Sep 2012
September 13, 2012

Bon Anniversaire!

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15 years ago today I was married.  It was the most beautiful and fun wedding I have ever been to thanks to my mothers amazing eye for design and obsessive planning.  The highlights were the excessive amount of divine flowers and a HUGE surprise (to even my Father) fireworks display.

Happy Anniversary Marshall and a walk down memory lane with the Southern Accents spread via bad iphone pictures.  I do not know how to scan.  

Looking forward to out celebratory trip to Napa this week.



4 Responses to Bon Anniversaire!
  1. So pretty……especially you and the flowers!

  2. Oh Holly!  Such a lovely and sophisticated bride you are, and YES, the flowers!  Happy Anniversary!!! 

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  4. Just gorgeous. A timeless style, could have taken place today.


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