I happened upon this bunk room last night on Pinterest.  It is the Holy Grail of bunk rooms.  True Perfection in my mind.  I followed the link to learn more about the house.  And WOW!!! Scarp Ridge Lodge is love at first sight.  A 19th Century brothel turned chic rental lodge in the ski town of Crested Butte, Colorado.  I love to ski, as does my whole brood and if I hit the power ball on Wednesday this 7 bedroom joint may be mine.  It is too good not to share the whole thing as well as the great website that lead me to it.  Hotel Chic Blog is a new favorite.  Check it out.

This lodge is managed by The Eleven Experience.  They represent the creme de la creme in vacation rentals.


Is the decor not divine?  Rustic but, not overly with hints of Western with out being over the top as so many Colorado houses are… Who wants to pitch in for the private plane to get us there?


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13 Responses to Crested Butte Beautiful at Scarp Ridge Lodge
  1. love love love. those digs are a tad bit nicer than where i stayed.

  2. […] 1. Crested Butte Beautiful at Scarp Ridge Lodge […]

  3. […] 1. Crested Butte Beautiful at Scarp Ridge Lodge […]

  4. Hi. Made my night seeing this. My father is the contractor on the job and worked really hard on this project. Thanks for enjoying. 

  5. […] I cannot yet step back into reality, so I want to share a divine find in the Alps from the Eleven Experience available for rental.  One of my favorite other properties of The Eleven Experience was my post on Crested Butte Beautiful at Scarp Ridge Lodge. […]

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  7. Alan Bernholtz, Minister of Fun for Eleven Experience was recently our guest on the Colorado.FM podcast.

    It’s not hard to see why people are having great experiences with Eleven Experiences when they have people like Alan taking care of you!

    You can listen here for more:


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