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I saw this divine VW bus camper in Pinterest and had to do a little research to get to the bottom of it.  I wish it could be mine.  Sadly, it is a concept car. What fun this chic traveling caravan would be! 

I have a future RV trip on the brain.  

Check out my previous Airstream posts HERE and HERE.  Summer wanderlust has set in….

The new Volkswagen Microbus concept is a tribute to the original in style, but is completely modern in its environmental consciousness. The new VW bus is a bio-diesel hybrid filled with modern gadgets not imagined during the time of the bus’ first go-round.

The new design, called the Verdier, after its Canadian designer Alexander Verdier, is all about making the campervan cooler, more functional and more environmentally friendly. It also features an adjustable roof, various fold-outs, a table and stove, and two awnings.

“I want to build a car that’s low impact and makes the most out of nature, ” Verdier told Wired. “The solar array is one of the most interesting aspects of the car. I am using a body design similar to that of the VW Westfalia so that I can maximize the size of the panels but still maintain a van that is compact and kind of like a small house.”

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2 Responses to Weekend Camper Fun: The Modern VW Bus
  1. Am interested in vw bus. Inquiring about price and when they will be on the market. Any other related info welcome.

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