Designer Amanda Nisbet just introduced a new collection for Niermann Weeks that is extraordinary.  I am such a fan of Amanda’s design aesthetic and use of color. Combine her look with the high end manufacturer and you have perfection.  

Enjoy this look at the collection. 


AN-11-009-L48-R33_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-11-009-L04-U13_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-11-009-L04-G33_300dpi1-2048x2048 AN-52-004-M06-S16_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-31-004-W57-L48_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-24-005-H21_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-40-007-L48-R33_Detail_300dpi AN-40-007-L48-R33_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-33-002-L48-U13_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-33-002-L48_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-10-008-L47_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-10-008-U13_300dpi-2048x2048 PalmFloorLamp_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-50-014-M06-L48_300dpi-2048x2048 AN-34-015-L48_300dpi-2048x2048 DiamondCoffeeTable_300dpi-2048x2048



I need a house in Boca Grande ASAP for this beauty.

The rose gold Palm Chandelier is heaven!


Have a great long weekend!
Let summer begin…woohoo!
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