Miles Redd‘s family home in Atlanta is featured in the current House Beautiful.  

I am green with envy for one particular room in this refresh.  It is the library turned office for his mother. 

Check out his handiwork complete with lacquer, chintz, blue & white.

 Traditional yet modern and perfect in every way! 



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2 Responses to Miles Redd Goes Green
  1. Hi Holly,

    I love Miles Redd and love it when he does GreenN! ;] I know that he likes Amazon Moss 2037-10. When I look at the chip, it’s kind of like really? But when he does it, it’s all so fresh and perfect! Love the classic Lee Jofa Hollyhock. He uses that pattern a lot and it’s another thing I love about him. The room is also so gorgeously accessorized. My fave part is the juxtaposition of the more yellow-green leaves against the green paint.

    Hope all’s well with you! xo ~ Laurel


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