I am excited to share a new artist today and her new series, launching August 20th, called “Pop Fragments” by artist Megan Carty.

These pieces are representative of a sort of ’micro-burst’ in our lives that brings forth growth, beauty, and change which seems to be what we are all are striving for in our lives. Seeing art that aligns with your life or your emotions and philosophies can be powerful.

Enter Megan’s GIVEAWAY for an ORIGINAL painting from the Pop Fragments series. She never gives away originals so this is a HUGE deal! The giveaway ends August 25th at midnight. 

Megan Carty

Pepperell, Massachusetts


Photo by Alyssa Rae Photography

What is your training? 

I went to art school  and graduated with a B.F.A. from Syracuse University’s School of Art & Design. I took painting and drawing classes as my studio electives though I majored in Advertising Design. Though I laugh at the memory of learning to paint when I was 11 years old as I studied Bob Ross on television.


What inspires you and your designs?

I’m inspired by unusual and dynamic color combinations. I find fun photos in places like The Land of Nod catalog, Elle Decor, or any other printed publication I have lying around and will notice certain colors together that catch my eye. I’ll take a photo with my phone and use those colors in my paintings! Instagram is also a great source for this. I have so many screenshots for color inspiration! 

My newest series I’m releasing soon is called “Pop Fragments” and it explores the fact that life is all about the prosaic moments we live between milestones. That space is beautiful, deep and simple. When something big happens in our lives (either positive OR negative) a sort of “micro-burst” happens that brings forth much growth, beauty, and change. These microbursts are featured in my paintings as bright fragments of color that burst forth with pencil lines showing growth as delicate line work. Empty space in the paintings are a welcome counterpoint to the chaos of colored fragments; just as it is in our lives.

I want my work to feel like it could work in a “midcentury-modern” space OR a transitional/glam space. This flexibility makes the work fun and playful.

 What is your favorite piece? 

My favorite piece is titled “Squad Goals” , sized 24×30” , acrylic and charcoal pencil on canvas. I love the contrasting colors and shapes. It’s delicate and feminine yet bold all at the same time. I also like that it feels fresh, preppy, and warm…like summer in the Hamptons!

IMG_8381 2

How has the your area influenced your work?

I grew up in Maine, so my work has a lot of ocean hues with hits of neon (like buoys floating in the water). My work can feel a bit preppy due to my New England roots. I currently live in the countryside outside of Boston and it’s such a happy place. Everyone I meet is friendly as can be; it makes me want to put my best foot forward. That is part of why my work is decidedly cheerful and uplifting in color. I’m here to bring joy to your walls and lift your spirits. The world is becoming such a negative place…my greater purpose is to counteract that.

What is your favorite restaurant in (your city)?

My town has few restaurants, but a place we LOVE to go for date nights during special occasions is called “L’Andana” in Burlington, MA. They create the most amazing Tuscan-style dishes and we always leave feeling overstuffed with goodness! Ha! They make the BEST truffle parmesan fries around and their Beef Carpaccio appetizer is to die for.


What is your favorite cocktail?

Lately I’m enjoying a John Daly the most (lemonade and sweet tea vodka). I also like a basic Captain & Coke. 


How do you balance personal life and work?

I don’t think there is such a thing as balance. You have to decide what your priorities are that day, that week, that month, that year. Some days, my family (I’ve got three kids, a husband and a dog) takes up all my time. Other days, my kids are with babysitters so I can get work done. I communicate with my husband and we split up the chores depending on what either of us needs to get done for ourselves. I get childcare from teenagers in my area when I need it most, and we have a house cleaner come every two weeks. Delegating out what you can afford is very helpful, but not always an option. So, it’s best to be realistic with what you can do in a day and make the best use of your time (according to the priorities you have listed) that you can. Give yourself plenty of grace and permission to slack when needed, because you can’t go full-speed ahead at all times. Finally, I have toys and supplies for my kids in my studio so they can come be around me when I’m working. That makes things so much easier on them!

Dream trip?

I HAVE to tour coastal Italy. I also have to see Rome, Pompeii and all those sites since I’m a history buff! Although, I’d LOVE to see Iceland. But what about Tahiti? Decisions, decisions…


Dream commission?

I would love to create paintings for Kate Spade stores or convert my paintings to designs for their bags/clutches/products. My favorite painting I mentioned earlier is called “Squad Goals” (it’s tongue-in-cheek) so it would be fun to create a large piece like that for Taylor Swift or someone like Gwyneth Paltrow or Reese Witherspoon.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Our “go-to” gift is almost always a nice bottle of wine. But I like to give letterpressed stationery that I’ve made myself too.


Who is your style icon?

I like Carole Radziwill’s style…she’s got such a fresh rocker-chic vibe going.


I like the color and pattern-play that Olivia Palermo pulls off. I also like how she mixes styles in a quirky and fun way.


I always admired Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style. She was so classic, timeless, and effortless…the real deal. 


Your favorite up and coming artist?

I’m a big fan of Becca Stadtlander as an artist. She’s known as an illustrator and her pieces have a very special naive style to them. Her use of color is astounding and I love the way each piece tells such a complex story. She works very small and the detail she includes is exquisite. I admire her quality craftsmanship. 


 What is your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession…I have many treasures so this one is hard… is a handkerchief with an embroidered letter “D” that was once my Grandfather’s. I wrapped it around the handle of my bouquet on my wedding day. I remember my Mom gave it to me on the day of his burial back when I was eleven so I could wipe my tears. I remember how it smelled just like him and I smelled it for months afterward looking for comfort. I felt sad the day I realized it no longer smelled of him, but that’s the beauty of life right there in a nutshell. 

What are you reading?

Right now I’m working my way through “de Kooning: An American Master” by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan.

51R03APGSPL._SX329_BO1, 204, 203, 200_

It’s a truly riveting book…it’s definitely not another boring biography. It’s written in such rich detail you feel like you are there for all the delicious drama around every corner. Better him than me!

What are you listening to?

For music I’m listening to Brandon Flowers,


Paul Simon, Rufus Wainwright and The Head and the Heart. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I work. Some of my favorites are Art for Your Ear by the Jealous Curator, Biz Chix podcast with Natalie Eckdahl, The Unmistakeable Creative with Srini Rao, and Being Boss. I’m hoping to launch a podcast of my own this fall called “The Hopeful Artist” for those who want to go pro with their art practice but might be afraid. I hope to unpack some of the mystery of the art world to help others feel empowered to chase their dreams.

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

Aside from The English Room, I enjoy reading Design Sponge, Design Mom, The Jealous Curator, Earnest Home Co., Design Love Fest, and Elements of Style. I’m a huge magazine reader and I love: Flow, Frankie, Belong, Uppercase, Professional Artist, Simple Living, Trouve, Porter, Where Women Work, and Artful Blogging.

A look at more of the upcoming “Pop Fragments” series. 









Some of her additional work including the Wedding Bouquets…





Remember to enter the GIVEAWAY of this piece titled “Freeze Pop.”

“It is part of my new abstract Pop Fragments series exploring dynamic color, geometry, and organic shapes that make a glamorous and bold style statement. I have been interested in the idea that life is all about the prosaic moments we live between milestones. That space is beautiful, deep and simple. When something big happens in our lives (either positive OR negative) a sort of “micro-burst” happens that brings forth much growth, beauty, and change. These microbursts are featured in my paintings as bright fragments of color that burst forth with pencil lines showing growth as delicate line work. Empty space in the paintings are a welcome counterpoint to the chaos of colored fragments; just as it is in our lives.”


Made with acrylic and charcoal on 11x14x1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are crisp white.

Please feel free to share this giveaway with your friends or family who might be interested!



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  1. Great interview!! Love that Megan grew up in Maine and the name of her new series “Pop Fragments”. Love the influence of New England summer colors!

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