I have looked forward to creating my favorite Dress to Room Pairings for the 2019 Academy Awards for the entire award season. 

I came in hot from a day of travel to Altanta for Design Influencers Conference.  

There are certainly plenty of PINK and as always metallics, black & white. 

See past Dress to Room Pairings.  

Mayfair Hotel

Garroe Kedigan

Janie Molster Design

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Janie Molster Design

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Bob Brown

Melanie Turner

Shawn Broaddus and Mike Hammersmith

Luis Puerta

Amy Morris


Kara Mann

Suellen Gregory


Cameron Design House

Meredith McBrearty

Meredith McBrearty

Phoebe Howard

Manuel Zublena/Madame Figaro

Katherine Newman

Suzanne Kasler

All images via E! Online

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