2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide is ready for your shopping pleasure. 

Moms deserve some extra love always but this day is to be made special. Give her one great day of spoiling & pampering.

Here are some tips for those men buying gifts:

  1. Do not buy any electronic items without direct mention that the item is desired.(iPad Pro with a pen….hint)
  2. Flowers are always a good idea but, know her favorites which re likely not red roses but peonies
  3. Jewelry always fits and makes one feel very loved. 
  4. Breakfast in bed (tray needed) is a huge plus but not too early. 
  5. PJ are for comfort on this occasion but lingerie is generally a no. THESE are a favorite. 
  6. Handmade cards are forever treasured.

Here are some highly coveted ideas…

Heritage Jewelry Family Circle Necklace

Margarita Machine

Jane Winchester Jewelry

Electric Moke

Art is always a good idea!

Assouline Travel Books

Carolina Bucci Forte Beads Necklace ( I designed rainbow)

Rummikub Neon

Rescue a Puppy or Dog


Rainbow Tote

A Fiat Jolly

Stubbs & Wooten Screw Covid Slippers

Here is a the ultimate list:

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