17 Oct 2021
October 17, 2021

Link Lovin’

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So much to see,

So much to read,

Here are the articles, recipes and places that piqued my interest the past week…

The Insider’s Guide to Paris’s Best Design Shops

Your Weekend Guide to Artsy, Mystical Santa Fe

Why this South Carolina designer takes an ‘old-school approach’ to client management

The 55 Best Insults From “Succession,” Ranked

The COVID Hotel Scammer Who Made $400,000 On 5-Star Stays


How To Look As Young As You Feel

10 Best Stargazing Destinations in the World

Why Is ‘Weaponized Incompetence’ Blowing Up On TikTok? Because Too Many Of Us Do It

5 Lessons I Learned When Life Forced Me to Hit Pause

Inside The “New” High Hampton Inn, in Cashiers, North Carolina

The Founders Behind Kin, Blueland, and More Share Their #1 Piece of Money Advice for New Entrepreneurs

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