2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday of mine. I even have a daughter with the name Valentine(family name), a brother with birthday that day and my parents celebrate their anniversary on February 14th too.

It is a day to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture but it does have to be a gesture for sure.  I advise no electronics generally for the ladies. A trip is welcome always too. I personally want to go HERE.  

Wine, a nice dinner at home and card will certainly suit.

Men… just buy them an electronic toy (THIS – which will also look great in your home, THIS or THIS) and they will be thrilled.

Jane Win is the master of LOVE. This necklace ALWAYS wins. 

I have always thought THIS would be a wildly romantic gesture.

Art is the best gift too. THIS and THIS are dreamy!

My husband says THIS is the very best thing I have ever given him, for real! He says it every night as he falls asleep.

I have a personal list that is a bit broad but I am coveting THIS, THIS, THISTHIS and THIS from my favorite Tiny Gods!

I am love a Caroline’s Cake for our at home celebration.

Here are all my finds:

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