7 Southern Designers With the Best Pinterest Accounts

Lost in the endless inspiration scroll? Follow our favorites.
 by Zoë Gowen

Pinterest is a pretty gigantic place to navigate. It only takes following a few overly zealous or off-target pinners to ruin your personal inspiration board. Hats off to these seven that never fail to deliver thoughtfully edited Southern decorating ideas


Holly Phillips @TheEnglishRoom – This Charlotte, North Carolina-based designer and blogger has an eclectic eye for vintage, but she always pins rooms that are still squarely Southern. The colors combos alone in her staggering 73k pins are reason enough to follow her. 

Alice Waters – Truth be told, I was looking for the famed chef Alice Waters in search of soulful and healthy recipe ideas. Turns out, I had the wrong Alice Waters, but this Alice who is based in Fort Worth, Texas is way more up my alley. I’m also unsure if she’s actually a designer, but I’m making an exception because her boards are always right on point to satisfy (or ignite) any home dream of mine. Her Architecture and Exterior boards are my favorites to ponder. 

Valorie Hart – If you’re looking for New Orleans style to come alive via Pinterest, this is your account. From the kooky, to the colorful, to to-die-for antiques, Valorie’s pinterest is one exciting show not to be missed. 

Gadabout – This Pinterest account is the inspiration playground for South Carolina-born, Louisville, Kentucky-based graphic designer Hanna Seabrook a well-known graphic designer behind the company, Gadabout. On her pinterest, you’ll find homes and interiors with a fresh, yet aged-look – quite possibly the ultimate compliment to give any Southerner about their home. 

Parker Kennedy – Palm Beach preppy ideas galore are sourced throughout these boards from this Atlanta-based design duo. It’s nearly impossible not to follow an entire board with 1103 pins devoted to bamboo. More practical sounding boards like “Chic Appliances and Fixtures” and “Fences” are also seriously helpful.

Elly Poston – Our list wouldn’t be complete without mention of our own former Associate Decorating Editor. Her boards are fun for anyone to peruse, but in-the-trench decorators will appreciate her board “Decorating Details.” Non-decorators can think of this board as a free design service. 

Helen Ballard – You may recognize the name. Yes, she’s the lady who founded Ballard Designs. As you’d expect, her Pinterest pages are filled with ethereal and European-rooted design ideas. If you love the natural look, follow her now.

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