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Polycor One Room Challenge Feature

I am thrilled to share a feature from Polycor. Polycor is the wonderful company I worked with for my One Room Challenge countertops.  Their products are all sourced in North America.   My kitchen’s white cherokee marble countertops are local north Georgia which I love!  From the Waterfall Island to the Scullery, This One Room Challenge Home..

One Room Challenge Fall 2018: The BIG REVEAL

I did it. We did it. Everyone did it. It truly took a village to get this One Room Challenge finished.   We did get the interior done with a little punch list as to be expected but, the exterior is still ongoing. I am over the moon to finally have a working kitchen again…

One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Week 5

This Halloween is my scariest yet!  I mean this ORC has me terrified and full of nightmares yet MAJOR progress has finally happened. Whew… we are 90% there and have a solid 10% to go.  If you are just tuning in, be sure to go HERE for WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3 & WEEK 4 to get caught up…

One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Week 4

This One Room Challenge has me freaking out!  I have never been truly concerned it wouldn’t get done until now. The stars are not aligning as hoped right now and it is a “challenge” beyond belief! The countertop fabrication has taken longer, a sink is lost in transit, blah blah… Countertops are to happen today..

One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Week 3

This One Room Challenge has me on my toes!  I have been busy at High Point Market fielding calls and facetiming to see progress and answering questions.  This week did mostly go as planned thankfully. My prior miscalculation in my calendar still has turned up the heat but I am hoping it will all work..

One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Week 2

This One Room Challenge has me waking up in the night in a panic! This week did not go as planned. I had a miscalculation in my calendar and the cabinets are going in next Monday not this Monday.  Not to worry, I think this will still all happen in time but the stars (and..

One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Kickoff

As you may have read last week on Instagram, I am participating in the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge. I am finally completing a kitchen addition and renovation of the rear portion of our home. It a BIG project for which I am praying all goes correctly because the time is NOW.   Are you..

Gray Malin One Room Challenge Feature

I am honored to be featured over on Gray Malin’s site showcasing my latest One Room Challenge and his Far Far Away Series.   See the whole feature HERE or a peek below. _____________________________ Hi Everyone, Have you ever wondered about how an interior designer decorates for their own home? I definitely have and specifically..

One Room Challenge Spring 2018: The Big Reveal

I did it!   I am thrilled to report my 7th One Room Challenge has been completed. As always, there are high,lows & challenges galore. This space now personifies my style and is beautifully bright & happy. Be sure to scroll through to see all the details of our newly refreshed den. Need to be..