A Chat with The Southern C Summit Founders

As I start posting my Gift Guides this week, I want to share the very best gift you can give your business.

Go ahead and book your ticket to this years TSC Summit at Sea Island Resort before the tickets are gone. There are only a small portion remaining. 


I have been a long time attendee, mentor, speaker and supporter of The Southern C and The Southern C Summit. I believe so strongly in this conference and brand. It has changed the way we grow out businesses.  These lovely ladies and friends have shown the strength that working together to support other brands actually creates strength for everyone.  The networking and takeaway info is better than any other events I have attended.  The swag also happens to be next level too.

See the Speakers HERE. 

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Enjoy a look into the genius ladies behind The Southern C, Cheri Leavy and Whitney Wise Long:



What sets TSC apart from other summits and entrepreneurial conferences?



Our team is made up of matchmakers pairing people purposefully with one another to foster deeper friendships and relationships. We are connecters that see the threads and who should meet one another. We strive to answer the questions that entrepreneurs need the answers to at that time and provide direction and inspiring education through the programming. But our true magic is probably in that we embrace that we are merrymakers and so fun and fellowship stay at the forefront of it all. We believe business owners deserve the opportunity to work on themselves in a beautiful setting with lifelong friends … a business vacation!


What do you think is the biggest bonus for first time TSC Summit attendees? 



The immediate sense of community and connectivity! We have the kindest, most supportive community which, very organically, leads to our hashtag of #connectcollaboratecreate! It’s amazing to see year after year how friendships and support circles are built among attendees from the very first time they attend. We offer thoughtful programming and networking opportunities that allow for all to meet –  including attendees and presenters. And these connections don’t end when the Summit does as we see them play out year-round with fun and inspiring collaborations. We laugh and say it’s like a class reunion that you actually want to attend haha!

Why should attendees join the membership? 


The Southern C Membership is a thriving community made up of a diverse group of entrepreneurs willing to roll up their sleeves, share experiences, and work towards solutions for some of the issues entrepreneurs face most. Our custom app makes accessing all of the benefits of membership seamless. Members can jump in and #connectcollaboratecreate immediately – the opportunities are endless and right at your fingertips! We hop on zoom every Tuesday at 11 EST and the end each session with Q&A and so many ideas spring out of the peer to peer mentoring time. 

What has been your biggest AHA moment from starting the TSC?



That if you build it, they will come! We had this idea of how to support the creative entrepreneur space and believed this was needed as we saw more and more female founded businesses being created. Seeing how The Southern C has grown to where it is now and the lives that have been touched since 2013 – the first year we had TSC Summits (three in six months – yes, we were crazy!) – warms our hearts as now our events and membership serve to make this big world a smaller place for our female founded community. 

What has been your biggest takeaway? 


A rising tide lifts all boats … we are better together and move farther faster in community.

You both give so much to this community, what fulfills you outside this forum?  


The precious gifts of my faith, family and friends which fuels my soul and feeds my creativity. Out of that abundance, I am in a better position to serve others.

What are your favorite collaborations that have come to life from the summit? 


It is so exciting as there are a handful every single month that come to life and we are blown away by how successful for all involved if you #connectcollaboratecreate. Finding a circle of mutual support and benefit seems second nature to our community. Whitney and I love when we can recognize seeing relationships blossoming between two businesses’ teams in the lobby of The Cloister and later the brands coming out with a collab. It can be a product launch like Match South and Swells recently creating a golf scarf or a bundling of products like Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit and Southern Baked Pie Co creating a Mother’s Day offering with biscuits and quiches. It can be a pop-up of a brand in a brick and mortar like artist Windy O’Connor at Hawthorne House or on a larger scale The Coterie Shop at Dillard’s with CROSBY by Mollie Burch, BURU, Abbey Glass and Fanm Mon launching in 2024.

Who is your dream speaker? 


Oh, no way to name just one! We have had so many incredible presenters through the years and many more that will be taking the stage in 2024. But as far as a dream speaker – in no particular order – I would have to say Sarah Blakely, Reese Witherspoon, Tory Burch, Jenna Bush, Lauren Bush Lauren to name a few.

Where do you want to see TSC Summit in 5 years? 


For the Summit, I would like to still host it on Sea Island because we love the campus vibe at a five start resort and it means a lot to Whitney and me to support our home club where we are members. We want to continue to bring in top talent in their fields for strong programming and incredible businesses for partnerships. For the fall Founders Retreats, I like moving around and discovering new locales that have a buzz like Round Top where we are going in 2024. It has a special energy that is perfect for our community.

Dream Trip?


A leisurely summer abroad wandering around Europe exploring on a deeper level digging into the different cultures.

Go to quick appetizer?  


I always have ingredients on hand for a charcuterie platter. My husband calls me the condiment queen and I love the offerings of our TSC foodies. #ISPYTSC Envision red clay hot honey drizzled over cheese, salted Schermer pecans, In the Curious Kitchen pimento cheese with Blackberry Patch Maple Bacon Jam, Southern Straws Cheese Straws, Doux South Mean Green Tomatoes, meats with True’s Gourmet Hot Mustard and Sweet Grass Dairy cheeses. All served on R Wood Ceramics and Grace Graffiti charcuterie boards. 

Hostess Gift? 

WHITNEY –  This is a hard one as we have so many great brands that are part of TSC Summit both as sponsors and attendees! But I think you can’t go wrong with a sweet offering such as In the Curious Kitchen’s Boozy Cherries or something savory like True’s Gourmet Hot Mustard. And a bottle of Out East Rose is always a winner! For non-food and beverage options, I love Duet Candles and and the linen cocktail napkins from Lemondaisy Designs.



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