A Fantastic Father’s Day…

An ode to my Father and the things he treasures on this Father's Day…

A few of my favorite family photographs…

Christmas 1972

Easter 1973

My first trip to Disney World.  We were staying at the Contemporary and were on the Monorail in this pic. It was a great trip.

The early 80's…

Around 1990…

 These are his treasures…

He is a true animal lover, indulging us in any pet we wanted as children. Jack Russell terriers are his dog of choice and possibly this mans best friend. This is Bub, his current best buddy.

He is a collecter of John Emms and great English Sporting art. 

His Alma Mater for College and Medical School…

A Gin and Tonic with Lime at cocktail Hour

The Republican Party

Hunting, Fishing, and Golf around the globe (Linville above) 

Cars, old and new, … (a 1959 Ford Thunderbird)

A Traditional English country interior with fabulous antiques and art (Ralph Lauren's home shown above)

The Bible and the Baptist church (John the Baptist by Bartolomeo Veneto 16th century)

He is a proud American and a Vietnam veteran serving in Fort Knox , Kentucky. 

Happy Father's Day to my FANTASTIC Father!



(P.S.-sorry about those bookstore bills from Rollins)

and to my Husband…Thank you for being a wonderful father to our children. 

Happy Father's Day!


  • June 17, 2012

    love the post. i had not seen those top photos before. they are great!!! hope yall are having a great father's day!

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