Animal Magic: New DVF for The Rug Company

I could not resist sharing the purrrrfect designs by the ever stylish Diane Von Furstenburg


Diane von Furstenberg’s latest rug collection with The Rug Company interprets the designer’s iconic animal prints into fresh designs and colourways that are timeless and rich.

DVF has a strong heritage of animal prints and now she has reworked her most alluring designs for the home, resulting in a collection that is sophisticated and glamorous.

Inspired by nature but given the DVF direction, these hand-knotted Tibetan wool rugs have an enduring graphic identity that is classic and refined.


A refined take on the python print, the rich grey and blue tones of Python Glory will add a sophisticated edge to any room.

diane-von-furstenberg-tribal-diamond-rug_1600_3 diane-von-furstenburg-tribal-diamon-roomset_large

“The bold dark chocolate and white of the Tribal Diamond pattern will accentuate any interior. Its brilliant balance of contrast and movement is perfectly suited for a formal living room or study.” Diane Von Furstenberg diane-von-furstenburg-funky-zebra-zoom_1 diane-von-furstenburg-funky-zebra-roomset_large

“Inspired by animals and nature, Funky Zebra is a signature DVF print. Rich with depth and movement, its modern, graphic aesthetic is the perfect backdrop to any living room or study.” Diane Von Furstenberg diane-von-furstenberg-climbing-leopard-green-rug_1600_1 diane-von-furstenburg-climbing-leopard-roomset_large_1

“Animal inspiration is classic DVF and this Climbing Leopard print is no exception. In a lush emerald with leopard shapes that add depth and dimension, this statement piece is perfect for a dramatic entryway.” Diane Von Furstenberg Climbing Leopard is hand knotted from silk and works well as a runner or a rug. dc_dvf_leopard-bark_f

Leopard Bark is a small scale, graphic take on DVF’s signature leopard print, a rug that adds elegance to any interior. dc_dvf_lilac-leopard_f

One of DVF’s most iconic prints, Lilac Leopard reinterprets the classic leopard in a fresh and versatile colourway.

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