Art Love: David Kroll + Ron Porter at Hidell Brooks Gallery

Here is a show not to be missed featuring

david kroll + ron porter 

at Hidell Brooks Gallery

This duo will be shown from september 7-28, 2018.

I am particularly smitten with the lovely realist pieces by David Kroll.  

david kroll received his bfa from the san francisco art institute and a mfa from the art institute of chicago.  he taught at the school of the art institute of chicago for almost 20 years. david kroll paints personal refuges and interior landscapes – places to visit for solace and sanctuary. much of his work is intuitive. his paintings are more than visually interesting compositions of creatures, objects and environments.  they are imagined, invented moments that touch upon man’s complicated, perplexing relationship with nature.  each painting reveals more paradoxes than resolutions inviting the viewer to contemplate how disconnected we are from nature.  david kroll creates an emotional and intellectual connection between the viewer and the power of landscape, the independent web of life, the idea of nature itself.  his work is held in numerous private and public collections.

ron porter recently retired from vanderbilt university where he was a professor of art for 14 years. porter received his mfa from ohio university.  his oil paintings are surrealist in nature, often depicting dramatic, exquisitely rendered landscapes interposed with mysterious still lifes or tractor trailer trucks indecipherably blended into the natural scenery.  his paintings explore ironies and paradoxes, emphasizing the dynamic tensions integral to existence, such as those between clarity and ambiguity, spontaneity and planning, truth and illusion.  intriguingly, these tensions are as much a part of life as they are the creative process.  technically proficient, intelligent, and with a good sense of humor, his work stirs thought provoking questions about life and the enigmatic yet precious relationship we have with our surroundings. 

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  • September 8, 2018

    I am also smitten with David Kroll’s ‘masterpieces’. His works speak to me of Nature’s mysteries and beauty. Thank you so much for sharing.

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