Art Love: Taylor Smith at Pando Fine Art

A little Art Love for a happy Monday!  

I discovered these beauties by Taylor Smith at Pando Fine Art in Park City last weekend.

I am always drawn to a chief…

From her studio in Indianapolis, Taylor Smith creates work that focuses on technology, popular culture and consumerism. Drawing on her interest and training in art history and film photography, Smith redeems technologies and imagery that have been left behind. She creates work that focuses on the possibility of “reimagined life within everyday things.

Her artistic roots run deep. Her mother was an artist who attended the first Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Cans show at the Ferus Gallery in 1962 in Los Angeles. Smith also lived and worked in Germany for many years, attending art school in both Nurnberg and Berlin during a pivotal time in the late 1980s. Smith was present with fellow students to assist in the base layer prep and painting for Keith Haring’s famous mural on the Berlin Wall in 1986, later celebrating with Haring and members of the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. These early experiences have been foundational influences of her reinterpretations of 20th Century pop art.
Smith currently explores imagery and objects with a focus on pop culture, celebrity, consumerism, nostalgia and art history. She reinterprets familiar pop art icons, speaking to the fleeting nature of technology, people and our natural resources. From the surface, the viewer sees beauty in Smith’s work – bright colors, pastels, a vibrant candy-like aesthetic, but upon closer inspection, the viewer experiences layered and more meaningful themes. Using a wide variety of materials and mediums including discarded computer disk drives, commercial packaging and found scraps of street advertising, Smith blends the practice of screen printing, painting and collage.

Smith has exhibited internationally in Europe and North America. She has artworks in many high profile collections, including the Eli Lilly permanent collection, the Madeleine Albright collection, the Cleve Carney Museum of Art permanent collection, the Mondavi Family, Chris Martin (Coldplay), David & Victoria Beckham, Carnival Cruise Lines and many others.



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