Artist Spotlight Series: Addison Wahler

I am thrilled to introduce you to a local talent I found through Slate Interiors.  I was very moved by the strong abstract pieces with large washes of bold color.

 I have a client who commissioned a huge piece for dining room that will be hung this week. it is dreamy.  

Enjoy getting to know this star on the rise. 

Addison Wahler

Charlotte, North Carolina


What is your training? 

I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art where I majored in painting earning a Bachelors degree in fine art. Before that I attended Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC.

What inspires you and your designs? 

My grandmother and her paintings are one of my biggest inspirations, I try my best to embody her work while painting. My work is also very spiritual and emotional. I feel I act as a conduit between my emotions and the paint. I attempt to capture a portrait of myself or others that I want to embody. I began working as a figurative artist and still see my abstract work as figurative. Although, my work now is trying to capture the essence of the human form or aura that is left behind.


What is your favorite piece?

WP_20150911_11_21_42_Pro 3



 How has the your area influenced your work?

I met the love of my life here. She encouraged me to begin painting again and inspires me to love my work.

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.35.33 PM

 What is your favorite cocktail?

White Russian.


 How do you balance personal life and work?

I don’t, I am constantly working. I am happiest and the most relaxed while I am painting. 

Dream trip?

My girlfriend and I have been dreaming about working with the Worldwide Organization Of Organic Farming. The organization offers free room and board in a family’s home in exchange for a days worth of farming. We hope to participate in the program in New Zealand or France. 

Dream commission?

I visited The Piazza Dei Miracoli in Pisa, Italy when I was younger and was very taken with the religious art work at the Duomo. I dont know how it would be possible but but a commission along that magnitude would be amazing.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Flowers for the hostess,


whisky for the host.


Who is your style icon?

Johnny Thunders,


Stiv Bators,


David Bowie,  


Your favorite up and coming artist?

I wouldn’t say up and comming, as she is very established. Jenny Saville is by far my favorite artist.


What is your most treasured possession?

A piece of stained glass my father gave me from an old church he purchased before I was born and my mothers wedding ring from when she was married to my father. And our cat Ed. 
(fifth attachment)

What are you reading?

The Death of Bunny Munro, by Nick Cave.

51Ga8RasZJL._SX303_BO1, 204, 203, 200_

Be Here Now, by the Lama Foundation and Ram Dass.

61CggFqGI2L._SX497_BO1, 204, 203, 200_

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together by Bryan Lee O’Malley

51e9+IR9NVL._SX333_BO1, 204, 203, 200_

What are you listening to?

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,


Gun Club, David Bowie and The Pixies.

 What are your favorite blogs / publications?

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.06.17 PM


See more of Addison’s abstract portfolio below and check out his tumblr for more figurative work:





WP_20150621_20_16_06_Pro WP_20150515_12_22_34_Pro

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