Artist Spotlight Series: Gitte Brandt

I came across Gitte Brandt‘s beautiful work on Pinterest.  I immediately knew I needed to know more about her.  I just love the playful quality to her work and of course her subject matter. I adore all animals. Now, it is to be decided which piece I will have to have for my own.

Gitte Brandt

Copenhagen, Denmark



 What is your training? 

I´m an autodicdactic (a self-taught person) and started to paint when my daughters were small. The eldest, called Flo wanted a black playmate and on day when she returned from kindergarten a big painting of a black boy made by me  was hanging on the wall. She was thrilled and very proud. My painting became soon very popular and now, 15 years later I sell worldwide. And I still have fun.
What inspires you and your art?
Photos of animals as well as meetings with them. Colours in the street and in nature.Childrens drawings, ethnographic magasins and books.
What is your favorite piece?
I will always love my  big painting of a giraf, displayed in my living room and talks to her every day!
How has you country / city influenced your work?
Growing up near a zoo where I spent most of my childhood I never get tired of watching animals and their mouvements.
I used to fall asleep listening to the lions roaring feeling happy. I think thats why I feel happy painting animals.
What is your favorite restaurant in (your city)?
Favorit restaurant in Copenhagen is called Geranium, situated in a parc called The Kings Garden with an old castle and lots of trees and flowers in the center of the city.
What is your favorite cocktail?
I love Mimosa, which is champagne and orange juice.
How do you balance personal life and work?
Working in my atelier under the roof in our apartment it is quite easy to go down and make a little housework while the painting is drying. Luckily I have a terrasse too so I don`t feel claustrophobic working at home alone.
Dream trip?
Going to Japan to show my husband the places I fell in love with on a working trip some years ago.
Dream commission?
Every painting I do is a dream commission!
Your favorite hostess gift?
Wild flowers and a little card with one of my paintings printed on.
Who is your style icon?
lauren hutton looks amazing.jpg
Lauren Hutton
Your favorite up and coming artist/designer?
An artist called Kasper Bonnen is very interesting and up-coming.
What is your most treasured possession?
My little Boston Terrier called Lo (Lolita)
What are you reading?
Mostly new danish literature as well as french and english. But recently I read the journals of Hans Christian Andersen from 1825 to his death in 1875 and was very hooked.
What are you listening to?
Classical music in all sorts and french songs.
Favorite  Art / Fashion / Design Blogs?
I don´t do. But I read an english magasin called World of Interieurs where I get inspired by for example a photo of a cousin with an animal on or a colour of a chair.
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Gitte and her whimsical work. Check out more of her HERE.
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