Artist Spotlight Series: Kerri Rosenthal

I discovered Kerri Rosenthal on the web and have been Pinterest stalking her for ages.  I finally decided it was time to connect after I discovered her best friend lives in Charlotte.  I am thrilled to introduce you to a very talented artist. 

Kerri Rosenthal

Fairfield County, Connecticut


What is your training? 


I have no formal training- I worked for an incredibly creative company in the fashion industry- Oilily– dutch childrens and womans clothing.  I traveled to Holland extensively for 6 years and the colors of Oilily transformed me.  I have a great appreciation for happy, vibrant colors and that just pours out of me and onto my canvases.   One day about 10 years ago, I just picked up a paint brush and began to paint.   I painted for my walls and my friends walls and then one day- I had a show and invited 200 people, friends, family, designers and shop and gallery owners.  My work was well received and it has grown from there. 


 What inspires you and your art?


My inspiration come from the natural beauty of my home in the woods of Fairfield County, Connecticut.  What I see when I go out into my garden, or during runs with my dog…  I am also inspired by current fashions both on the runway and interiors.  I often create paintings by creating story boards from fashion or interior spreads utilizing the colors in the looks that inspire me.  Interesting color combinations are everywhere I look.  Sometimes its hard to shut that off-  I am always snapping pics- – going home, printing them and piling them up for future paintings.  


What is your favorite installation of your work or piece? 

 Hmmm that's a hard one- I am always so happy when my painting is placed by the amazing designers I have the privilege to work with ..and I've been so lucky to have met most of my their clients and see my work in their beautiful , happy homes… 


This piece is in a home designed by Tiffany Eastman Interiors– and the piece on the back right wall was commissioned based on the tones in the room.  It was published in New England Home Magazine. 


This piece is in a home designed by D2 Interieurs– a design firm that I collaborate with-  This is a Greenwich clients sitting room.  She wanted a room of her own- and this painting just worked perfectly with that vibe.   


This photo was in last octobers- Traditional Home Magazine– It is the home of Louise Brooks, owner of Oomph furniture and designed by Lynn Morgan.  


but I have to say my favorite installation would have to be this one above- This is my home and the room of my daughter, Emma- sitting proudly on her day bed with her mom's work above.


How has the south influenced your work? 

My family lives in Florida- and there is nothing like a southern sunset- especially by the water- the warmth, flowers in constant bloom- salty air- I come home exploding with images I want to paint.  My very best friend happens to live in Charlotte, Joy Palermo– so I have been to your beautiful city- and so appreciate the gorgeous homes that you take such pride in.  One is more beautiful than the next.  


What is your favorite restaurant in (your city/area)? 

I would have to say that our one and only is Cafe Luc's in Ridgefield- it's a charming little french bistro and when you are there, you feel as if you could be in St. Tropez.  We have been going there for the past 10 years and we are treated like family.  


What is your favorite cocktail? 

Ahh, a little strange but I like Vodka on ice, dirty, with olives and a squeeze of lime.


How do you balance personal life and work?


That's is incredibly challenging.  I try to limit my work to when the kids are at school- My oldest is 21 and in college- but my youngest- need me and I want to be there for them- Sometimes if I have a deadline and I am painting in the evening or on the weekends, they will come up and join me in  the studio- Just hang out or paint.  Mothers day just passed and they all said in their cards how proud they are of me and what I have accomplished with my art. That is a dream come true!



 Dream trip?

When my husband David and I got married, I had my Ali from a previous marriage- So we were married with children from the start.  We really never took a proper honeymoon.  We have taken the kids to beautiful places but still my dream would be to go to Paris, Italy and Greece with my husband.  


Dream commission?


I think I already had my Dream commission.  When I first started out, I was commissioned to do 24 paintings for a young family's Bermuda Vacation Home.  They were all from The Puzzle series I was doing at the time.  They gave me sizes and we touched on color but then they gave me cart blanche and off I went.  That's about as dreamy as it gets!  I am still in touch with the family to this day.  


Your favorite hostess gift?

 I love giving books and getting books- Vintage, new, interiors, art and fashion.  Any or all.  No one is ever disappointed when they receive a beautiful table book.  


Who is your style icon? 


Again a tough question but I think the editor of French Vogue , Carine Roitfeld is top of my list.  She is such an individual- edgy, modern and never over done.  I adore the way the french woman dress. 


Your favorite up and coming artist? 


I love the work of Luli Sanchez– she has a fearless way in which she uses color- and her flowers make me swoon. 


What is your most treasured possession? 

My family, not that they are possessions but they are my everything! 


a peek in Kerri's home…

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know this talent as much as I have. Thank you to Kerri for sharing!

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