Bathtub Tuesday with Thompson Traders

Quintana Handcrafted Tub in Satin Brass and Burnished Nickel is my dream.

I take a bath almost daily and I need to replace the old tub in my bathroom.

Wouldn’t this be a heavenly upgrade! 

Thompson Traders is proud to launch a brand-new collection developed in collaboration with nationally recognized interior designer Kara Cox.

Comprising a modern take on a farmhouse sink, oval range hood, bar sink, integrated vanity and bath sink, and freestanding soaking tub, the Quintana Collection softens the hard lines and edges found in traditional kitchen and bath designs. Each product features soft curves, striking organic shapes and an unexpected mix of metal finishes. The bold yet balanced collection unites Thompson’s exquisite vision of hand-crafted metal creations with Cox’s fresh, tailored aesthetic.

I’m ready for self care! 


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