Beauty Everyday


Beauty Everyday is AMAZING.  

I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind this blog and now book in Athens last week while at the TERRIFIC Southern C Summit. Beauty Everyday is a collaboration between Rinne Allen, Kristen Bach, and Rebecca Wood, the book is filled with 365 beautiful photographs of southern beauty, seen, found, and discovered in and around athens, georgia, and on field trips to other nearby places. 

The 420 page book has a deep indigo blue clothbound linen cover, with a line drawing by Rebecca wood spreading across it in silvered foil. A ribbon pagemarker will help you follow the days of the year, as you turn the page each day, revealing a new image.

Turn the page each day to reveal something beautiful to look at; take in a whole season at once and revel in the transformations that take place; or just turn to pages at random and look to the index to see where the photograph was made.
The book is intended to be an inspiration, a refuge, a reference…

To me it is a beautiful photographic devotion book to the South and her beauty. I highly recommend adding this to your collection.

You can order HERE

Be sure to follow the BLOG too. It is a branch of R. Wood Studio (more of that to come). I am in awe of the organic natural beauty of the images. 




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