Bedazzled Borders by Schumacher

I get easily distracted by shiny things.  It is an ongoing problem.

Schumacher introduced these bejeweled and bedazzled trims recently.  

I kinda love them.  I reminds me of a grown up version of my young handicrafts with a bedazzler, of which I was quite proficient and prolific.  


Here is a little scheme I put together using one of them.  

I could see them around the base of a chair, or wrapping a pillow center or even as the leading edge of a bold taffeta curtain in glam dining room. 


Design Inspiration
The sparkling beadwork patterns that set our Jeweled Borders so gorgeously apart is an abstract interpretation of an antique South Asian batik found in the archives. Completely reinvented in ethereal palettes, the glimmering crystal fireworks are handsewn onto a range of neutral tapes with a hushed splendor that feels like vintage jewelry. They are a perfect finishing touch that will up the ante when paired with rich upholstery in a luxe scheme or add a chic sparkle to understated fabrics in a quieter space. Soft precious gem hues abound: Wallis and Simpson glint with stones in shades of gray and a hint of yellow; Maria and Callas marry tones of jet and platinum.


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So, do you love them too?  

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