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This article is too good not to share.  I have been so photo crazy on my travels the past few weeks and new editing apps are always welcome with me…


Picture Perfect – The best apps for likeable snaps


Are you a Valencia chick? Or maybe you’re more of a Low-Fi gal. Or of course, you could be an X-Pro type of girl with blurred edges and #nofilter. (The modern day equivalent of stuffing your bra and wearing colored contacts.)

Either way, if you’re like us, you’re totally ub-sessed with Instagramming. We’re not sure what it is, but something about taking a seemingly blasé picture of our cat looking out a window and turning it into something out of a hipster’s dream makes us want to put on a pair of square-framed glasses and scream to the world, “We love Instagram!”

But being the complicated women that we are, we need more. That’s right, 19 filters just ain’t enough. We find ourselves scouring the App store for the latest and greatest in photo-editing tools until we’re full-on filter junkies. But #sorrynotsorry, we’re not slowing down anytime soon. That’s why we’re bringing you the best picture-editing tech to take your posts from two likes, to Popular Page! (Results not guaranteed.)

Here are the photo editing apps that we’re really “liking” right now!

20130920_snapspeedSnapseed, Free: Tired of all the same old Instagram filters? Use this app to not only access tons of color and texture features, but also to control the brightness, saturation, contrast…you get where we’re going. This award-winning app has absolutely everything to make you look like a professional photog!
Get it for iPhone / Get it for Android 

20130920_piccollage_thumbPic Collage, Free: Why upload one photo when you can upload them all?! Avoid being that annoying “overposter” and create one fab collage of your entire day with total creative freedom. From adding backgrounds to the ability to “clip” photos, this app is like digital scrapbooking gone crazy!
Get it for iPhone / Get it for Android 

20120920_pixlexpressPixlr Express, Free: This app adds so much drama it might as well be on the next season of The Real Housewives! Blur out the sides of your pics to highlight a focal point, bring a pop of color to your black and white photos, or add sparkle to up the intensity!
Get it for iPhone / Get it for Android 

20130920_instasize-v2Instasize, Free: How many times have you had to decide which “friend on the end” you have to crop out in order to fit your picture into Instagram?! Well, now you can save some of your friendships by “Instasizing” your pics, which allows your entire photo to fit into a perfect square!
Get it for iPhone / Get it for Android

20130920_splitpic-v2SplitPic 2.0, Free: Some days we’re so busy we wish we could just clone ourselves! And when it comes to our pictures, now we can! SplitPic 2.0 lets you clone yourself, swap body parts, and even make your own ghost for a weird but totally awesome photo!
Get it for iPhone / Get it for Android

20130920_privatephotoPrivate Photo Vault, Free: OK, so we totally don’t condone being sneaky with your photos. But, if you happen to have naughty ones saved, you may want to keep them under wraps in case Mom borrows your phone. This app helps you keep a passcode-protected hidden album, and even snaps a photo and a GPS location if an intruder tries to break in!
Get it for iPhone

20130920_phosterPhoster, $1.99: You always knew your face belonged on a poster! (Just hopefully not a “wanted” poster.) Create your own motivational images with this handy app with 197 templates and tons of ways to get your point across!
Get it for iPhone

Need tips on taking fabulous photos? Click here for our model-worthy tips!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

Posted on September 20, 2013

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