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  I am honored to be featured in the design blog of talented Atlanta designers Kandrac & Kole. These kind design pals are too kind but, I will take it.

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Brilliant Women in Business – Holly Phillips – The English Room

Holly Phillips is a smart, resourceful and very talented interior designer, blogger, fashion icon, world traveler and super nice person.  She is a residential interior designer and co-owner of The English Room, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Holly’s blog, The English Room is packed with fascinating information in regards to interior design, travel, fashion, art and style.

Her blog features things such as “Retail Therapy and Weekend Wants”, “Link Lovin,” “Eye Candy,” “Wanderlust Wednesdays” and my favorite “Artist Spotlight Series”.

The English Room is chock full of excellent information, sources and tips.  She graciously shares all of this with her huge following of readers.

Speaking of followers, her Instagram account boasts over 54,000 of them.

I reached out to Holly for this series of “Brilliant Women in Business” and she kindly obliged.   The catch – I got to use several of the questions that she asks when she interviews her artists in the Artist Spotlight series, so in other words, I am “turning the tables” on her.

Joann:  Where did you grow up?

Holly:  Charlotte, NC

Joann: Where did you attend college?

Holly:  Rollins in Winter Park Florida with an Art History Degree

The American College in Atlanta with a degree in Interior Design

Sotheby’s Educational Services in London – 17th and 18th Century Decorative Arts

2017 Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse

Joann:  How did you get into the interior design business?

Holly:  By default! My Mother was an interior designer. I grew up in the business and was convinced I wanted to work in the art world.  I was not a talened fine artist nor did I love working in a museum.  I ended up right back where I said I would not and I adore what I do.  Who else gets paid to shop for a living?!?

Joann: How would you describe your style?

Holly:  I love mixing the past with the present.  I think rooms need a mix of styles to be interesting.  All rooms need some antiques and great art to complete them.  I am a huge color addict and my design and fashion style reflect that as my abiding by Iris Apfel’s “more is more and less is a bore” philosophy.

One Room Challenge – 2015

Joann:  Your blog The English Room covers interior design, fashion, travel, and art.  Which of these are you most passionate about?

Holly:  I cannot choose.  I am passionate about all of them because to me they are all interrelated.  It is about the lifestyle and designing a lifestyle that fits your aesthetic.

Joann:  I love your Artist Spotlight.   Who is the most interesting artist you ever interviewed?

Holly:  I have been blown away by so many.  I am equally inspired the by the budding artists as I am the greats.  A few greats I was honored to interview are Donald Robertson, Hunt Slonem and Bradley Theodore.

Donald Robertson – “Hot Mess”

Hunt Slonem – Bunnies

Bradley Theodore

Joann:  What is your favorite restaurant?

Holly:  Kindred, Davidson, NC or Artisinal in Banner Elk, NC

Joann:  What is your favorite cocktail?

Holly:  Blanco Tequila with Fresca and lots of fresh lime or Kistler Chardonnay

Joann:  How do you balance personal life and work?

Holly:  I don’t!  Who does for that matter?  Work is a constant and so is pleasure. I work late each night on the blog. I am a night owl that hurts every morning.  I try to spend weekends with my three children yet they are as equally busy and have full schedules.  My true getaway is our mountain home in Linville, NC, Pixie Spring Cottage, Circa 1887. I also enjoy horse show weekends with my youngest.  It is an equine therapy of sorts.

Joann:  Your favorite host/hostess gift to give?

Holly:  Wine.  I am drawn to the cheeky or funny labels.

Joann:  Who is your style icon?  (I think I already know this)

Holly:  Iris Apfel of course.  (I was right :))

One Room Challenge – 2016 – Holly’s Office

Joann:  What is your most treasured possession?

Holly:  My dogs, my Iris painting collection or my Grandmother’s charm bracelet.

Joann:  What are you reading?

Holly:  I do not read but I listen to book constantly on Audible.  I am obsessed with Jill Kargman of Odd Mom out fame. Her most recent book,  Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life, made me hoot and holler. It is divine! 

Joann:  What are your favorite blogs/publications?

Holly:  I read them all!  I actually still subscriber to all the print mags and love all the shelter magazine with House Beautiful still being a favorite.  I always love Town & Country.  My favorite blogs are Hotel Chic, Quintessence, La Dolce Vita, Mark D. Sikes and so many more. 

There are so many other things that Holly is involved in that are worth taking a look at.   For example The One Room Challenge, Dress to Room Pairings, and Gift Guides!

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She’s brilliant, right?

Have a great weekend!!


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