Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show Foundation

Today was a true horse show day.

It was a hurry up and wait kinda thing. That is the thing of shows. 

I will be back tomorrow on regular schedule with my Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants.

Wanna support the mission? 

Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show Foundation


The mission of the Blowing Rock Horse Show Foundation is to “Support education and worthy charities through encouraging and preserving the traditions of horse sports in Blowing Rock.”

The Foundation

The Foundation was begun to provide a vehicle for long-term growth for the support of the primary mission: “To support education and worthy charities by encouraging and preserving the traditions of horse sports in Blowing Rock.” The annual Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show serves as the primary fundraiser for these activities. In 1999, the Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show Foundation, Inc. received a 501(c)3 not-for-profit designation from the Internal Revenue Service.

Broyhill Preserve

The Foundation owns and operates The Broyhill Equestrian Preserve, which is the site of the annual horse show. The Preserve also provides long-term and short-term horse boarding, overnight camper space rental, horse trailer parking, and a convenient horse and carriage friendly access to the 27 miles of roads and trails in the Moses Cone Memorial Park. The Cone Park is a 3,516-acre fixture of the National Park system located along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Throughout the warmer months hundreds of riders and drivers bring their horses to Blowing Rock to enjoy Mr. Cone’s beautiful trails and carriage roads. This has put ever increasing pressures on the maintenance budget for the historic facilities at the Preserve. Protecting the show grounds with a summer population of long-term boarders along with the many visits of short-term horse enthusiasts is a primary responsibility of the Foundation. In 2012, Bonnie and Jamie Schaefer provide most of the funds for a new barn to house long-term boarders. Operation and maintenance of this wonderful new building is also the responsibility of the Foundation.

Charitable Endeavors

Over its nearly 100 years of consistent operation, the Foundation and its predecessor organizations have provided financial support for many local organizations, including the Blowing Rock Fire Department, the Blowing Rock Rescue Squad, the Watauga County Humane Society, the Appalachian State University Equestrian Team, and the Blowing Rock Rotary Club whose history of generous philanthropic giving dates to 1946. The Foundation also encourages and supports other not-for-profit organizations by making the Preserve’s facilities available at little or no cost for youth activities like Girls on The Run and the ASU Equestrian Team for their annual schooling which invites young riders who might not be able to ride in the “big show” the opportunity to compete in the Foundations storied L. M. Tate Show Grounds.

As a result of the decades-long partnership with the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Foundation continues its commitment to the preservation and maintenance of the Cone Park carriage roads.

Economic Impact

Over the years, the horse show has become a significant annual generator of economic activity for both Blowing Rock and Watauga County. An economic impact study conducted by Nicole Jelley at Appalachian State University in 2012 concluded that during its 21 days, the horse show generates over $7.7 million dollars of economic impact to the area.

Completed Projects and Future Growth

In 2007, a master plan was developed for the 25 acres the Foundation currently owns. Twelve aged barns have been recently replaced, and construction of the new Schaefer Boarder Barn was completed in 2012. A new schooling ring was completed in 2010. All but one of the show barns have been replaced.

The Foundation is currently working to acquire an additional eight acres that adjoins the existhing Preserve property. When completed, this acquisition will assure the land requirements needed to continue its mission for many years to come. It is the Foundation’s goal to complete the entire master plan by 2023, the Horse Show’s 100th anniversary.

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