Book Love: Bunny Williams On Garden Style

There is no book more appropriate for a spring purchase than the lovely Bunny Williams On Garden Style.  It is just the inspiration you need to break ground on a glorious new garden.  The book is full of incredible imagery and lush photography in some of the countries most coveted and well maintained private gardens.

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To be fully honest, I have no green thumb but, I have a call into AK Nurseries to spruce up my own yard after reading this textbook of garden beauty.  Go green in honor of Earth Day this week and go buy this book and plant a garden. And for the city dwellers, it will transport you to the beauty of the wide open landscapes. 

More about this must have garden book and it’s most gracious author: 

First published in 1998,  On Garden Style established Bunny Williams as a reputable expert on gardens. In Bunny Williams on Garden Style, Williams visits impeccably designed gardens around the world, shedding light on the key components that make a garden so appealing and idyllic. For Williams, gardens offer an escape, and she imparts vital information on how to envision your garden and design a space that translates into a lush sanctuary reflecting your taste and style. Once you’ve imagined your garden, Williams offers advice for bringing it to fruition—the garden structure, ” furnishing the space, and establishing an aesthetic. The book also includes plant lists, a reading list, and more. Filled with new photography of spectacular gardens, this latest volume is both a wonderful inspiration and a practical guide to gardening from one of the world’s most renowned design experts.

There is no garden folly I covet more tan the bark pool pavilion based on the parthenon in Bunny and John’s Connecticut home. 

Bunny Williams on Garden Style


Also, if you do not own Bunny Williams’ An Affair With A House you must!  It is a classic favor for all of use who live and breath design and covet a well loved and decorated home.

Either of these books could make a great Mother’s Day gift too! 

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