Book Love: MOOD by Anne Hepfer

I was lucky enough got receive an advance copy of what is my favorite new design book!

MOOD: Interiors & Inspiration by Anne Hepfer

I love the creative format and the sprinkles of gems throughout that evoke life, emotions and inspiration.

The luxury book of the season MOOD is a journey through exquisite interiors brilliantly designed to evoke seven key emotions―Happy, Relaxed, Energized, Cozy, Sexy, Tranquil, and Nostalgic.

In Anne Hepfer’s world, a home is a complex reflection of who you are, and the people, places and ideas that matter most. For this, her first, book, the acclaimed designer explores the power of a stylish and soul-nourishing refuge of one’s own. Drawing inspiration from influences as wide-ranging as travel, music, food and drink, fashion, and nature, Hepfer shares her process and opens the doors to the masterful spaces she has crafted for both international clients and her own family. Filled with exuberant color and meditative reflections, MOOD is an ever-evolving journey through the seven key emotions a brilliantly designed home should evoke: happy, relaxed, energized, cozy, sexy, tranquil, and nostalgic.

Preorder this treasure for yourself HERE. 

A peek inside…



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  • August 31, 2022

    franki Parde

    My swing and “MOOD”…yep…franki

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